3 comments on “My top 5 Pro Prospects in College Football at Quarterback (via @BrandonOnSports & @SportsTrapRadio)

  1. WOW! Denard Robinson? Tahj Boyd? Keith Price? How does Geno Smith not make the top 5? How does Mettenburger and Tyler Bray make the bottom 5? Mettenburger with off the field issues and has never started a game before, yet he makes the top 10? and Bray has imploded so many times that he’s shouldn’t even be considered. No big wins, bowl games, nothing to show he’s a pro prospect.

    • Denard Robinson isn’t going to sniff qb at the pro level for one, he will play wr and run kicks. I’m not sold on Tahj Boyd nor Keith Price, who’s arm isn’t that strong…like I said. This is my initial list and will change during the year.

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