One comment on “A one hour special for a so called king?????

  1. First off, LeBron didn’t “tell” ESPN anything. His reps approached ESPN, asking if they’d be interested in giving LeBron an exclusive hour to announce his decision, and in the process, sell advertising, the proceeds of which would go to Boys & Girls Club of America. ESPN could have said “no”, and shared the spotlight with other outlets. They chose to partner up with him.

    That said, this is bad for pro sports in general. This shows conclusively that the players are, inf act, the owners. As recently as a year ago, TEAMS held press conferences to announce signings. With the way Bosh, Wade, and now LeBron have announced their decisions, it opens the floodgates for others to do the same. It’s akin to the high school senior announcing his college choice, and it’s NOT the road pro sports should be looking to take.

    This charade takes away any and all protocol. When a player makes a decision, it’s historically been he or his agents job to inform the team of choice first, and let the team handle everything from there. This move caters to the selfish athlete, and their “me-first” attitude, and confirms what we knew all along- that LeBron is all about LeBron. I hope he NEVER wins a title, regardless of who he plays for…I mean, whichever teams rights he acquires tonight.

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